Joel Moffat

Joel is an experienced psychologist with a special interest in working with people who are highly sensitive. He has extensive experience in supporting neurodivergent kids and their families. Helping individuals to recognise their own unique potential and strengths is at the forefront of his work. 

Joel primarily works from an attachment-focused perspective and has formal training and experience in the delivery of attachment-focused interventions. He implements a person-centred approach to therapy, integrating elements of a variety of therapeutic modalities including Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Schema Therapy. Joel also provides consultation to parents of children and adolescents facing a variety of personal challenges.

Joel has worked across various public and private setting in New South Wales, gaining a wide range of clinical experience over the past decade. His work supporting vulnerable families as a senior therapist in a child protection setting has particularly shaped his focus on his approach to supporting people. He strongly believes in the impact of early-life experience in the shaping of future relationships, coping, resilience and wellbeing. 
He is exceptionally compassionate and understanding. Validation of feelings is central to the human experience, especially for clients who are from marginalised groups. Joel is known for his ability to translate scientific research and other complex concepts into language that is accessible for families and kids.
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